• Diana Tweed Handbag


    Seduce the crowd in this handsomely designed Christian Cathor Tweed + Leather designer handbag

    This handbag is from our Diana collection and is a combination of leather + tweed, a classic British fabric 

    This designer handbags is made from beautifully hand polished full grain buffalo leather which maintains a two tone effect. This emphasises the grain and accentuates the unique characteristics of buffalo leather. Known for its strength and originality, this leather is durable and hard wearing.

     The tweed used on this designer handbag is a grey herringbone tweed with subtle green and brown undertones.

     Nickel stainless steel finishing

    Convenient front pocket

    Comes with a zinc alloy keyring around handle

    This handbag is a holdall and is suitable for a variety of occasions

    Available in two sizes 14'' (35.56)

    Colour : Poussiere + Grey Herringbone Tweed

    We provide an embossing service allowing you to personalise your bag. Specific sizes can also be made to order, please contact us for more details.

    Thank you for shopping with us; we hope you enjoy our product the way we intended for you to.        

                                               Christian Cathor x