Lettice Holdall Flannel

Lettice Holdall Flannel

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A hallmark of luxury, Lettice is handmade in Britain using buffalo leather. Designed with the fashion savvy in mind, she is multifunctional and is perfectly designed for you put your personal style stamp on her. Elegant structure, it’s great for travelling as it is lockable. 

Gender: Unisex

Lettice has a strap that runs from the back through 2 loops at the front, then secured at the back with magnet.

Lettice has a shoulder strap so she can be worn as a shoulder bag.

Zip from day to night, work to play, take Lettice away with you. Great for carrying a laptop or for an after work weekend getaway to somewhere special.

Top leather Handle

Two metal loop with strap passing through secured at the back by magnet

Stainless steel Brass finish

Colour: Flannel

Flap closure kept down by a snap

Suede Lined

Size: H 19 (48.26cm) x W 15’’ (38.10 cm) x D 4’’ (10.16 cm)